Alumni Updates

Christopher J. Watt, Geology, 1997
Submitted: October 17, 2012
I have been working for a local engineering firm (LACO ASSOCIATES) for the past 15 years and was recently elected President and CEO.

Ed Busch, Fisheries Biology, 1980
Submitted: October 17, 2012
I wanted to share the news that my project with civil war letters and photos went live today. See

Áki Jarl Láruson, Biological Sciences, 2010
Submitted: October 5, 2012
I am starting my second year as a doctorate student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Månoa. I am focusing on molecular ecology, population genetics and quantitative genetics in the shallow water urchin genus Tripneustes. Thanks to Professor Sean Craig of Humboldt State, I had my first publication as a lead author before finishing my first year of Grad school.

Carin Kaltschmidt, Computer Science, 1990
Submitted: September 28, 2012
Ernst & Young LLP recently announced promotions of professionals based in its San Francisco office, including Humboldt alumnus Carin Kaltschmidt. Kaltschmidt was promoted to principal from senior manager. She is a member of Ernst & Young LLP’s Advisory practice and serves in its program management performance improvement practice, focusing on complex program management for enterprise transformation programs. Kaltschmidt has spent the majority of her 20-year career providing program and change management services to companies in the healthcare, technology and financial services industries. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science from Humboldt State University and is a certified Project Management Professional.

Mary K. Wicksten, Biological Sciences, 1970
Submitted: September 26, 2012
Mary K. Wicksten, 1970, Biological Sciences, published her monograph "Decapod Crustacea of the Californian and Oregonian Zoogeographic Provinces" in the journal Zootaxa this year. Over 20 years in the making, the 307-page work covers all the crabs, shrimps and lobsters, including both marine and freshwater species, to be found from Washington to mid-Baja California. It is the first major work to cover these crustaceans in California since 1921. Keys and illustrations are included for all species.

ADAM GABRIEL PERETZ, Environmental Science & Management, 2008
Submitted: September 24, 2012
I went to Ibadan, Nigeria in January 2011 where I was initiated to Ifa, traditional West African Religion. Through Ifa initiation, I have shed my old self and have even been given a new name, Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode. I since have returned twice to research and study Ifa as well as to bring other people to do their own initiations and other rituals. My wife, Oyaseye Fakayode, a priestess of Oya, and I have formed Oyeku Ofun Temple, a traditional Ifa and Orisha temple based in Northern California. The temple serves many devotees. I have written two books on Ifa religion thus far, "All Days Are Sacred" (2011) and "Ori Mi Gbe Mi: Ori, Support Me" (2012), both published by Oyeku Ofun Temple.

Rick Hoffmann, Forestry & Wildland Resources, 1968
Submitted: September 24, 2012
After two careers - Entomology Research (UC Berkeley) and Science teacher, I have retired from full time employment. I now work as a Science Education consultant, substitute teach, and tutor students in science.

Amanda Shufelberger, Wildlife, 2000
Submitted: September 23, 2012
After working for several government agencies, I have been working as a Wildlife Biologist in Grass Valley for Sierra Pacific Industries for 5+ years.

Holly Edmundson, Physics & Astronomy, 2009
Submitted: August 21, 2012
After graduating from HSU I went to grad school at University of Oregon where I got my Masters in Materials Science with an emphasis in Optics. I got a job in the semiconductor industry. Humboldt's physics program gave me a major advantage when it came to E&M, electronics and lab experience all of which I used regularly in grad school and still use in my 'real job'.

Alef DuRant-Wise, Biological Sciences, 2013
Submitted: August 20, 2012
Alef DuRant-Wise has recently been hired as the Laboratory Manager at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology. She is working on atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn's disease in the Ley Lab. She is taking her last two classes for her two bachelor degrees in marine biology and zoology as an intrasystem exchange student at San Diego State University. Special thanks to Professor Sean Craig for being a great mentor!

Asad Ullah, Biological Sciences, 2012-2013
Submitted: July 22, 2012
please inform me about admission in master and m.phill program in botany . also update me about schollership in the mentioned field. thankyou.

Mry K. Wicksten, Biological Sciences, B.A. 1970, M.A. 1972
Submitted: July 5, 2012
Mary Wicksten is a Professor of Biology at Texas A&M University. She just finished her major publication, "Decapod Crustacea of the Californiana and Oregonian Zoogeographic Provinces", Zootaxa 336=71, 307 pages long. This monograph contains keys, illustrations, short descriptions and information on range, depth, habitat and living color for all crabs, shrimps and lobster-like species, freshwater or marine from the shore to the abyss from Washington to mid-Baja California. Yes, I am sending a copy to the Humboldt Marine lab!

Kathryn Leigh Riley, Wildlife, 2006
Submitted: May 31, 2012
Kathryn Riley recently joined the San Diego URS Corporation as a Wildlife Biologist. She is currently conducting wildlife surveys on alternative energy projects in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts of California. Her focus is on migratory birds, burrowing owls and the federally endangered desert tortoise.

Michael Elwin Briggs, Education, 1984 - Geology BA 1986 - Education MA
Submitted: May 1, 2012
Recuperating from shoulder surgery in January. My daughter, London, will be 6 in May.

Nathan Rasmussen, Physics & Astronomy, 2010
Submitted: April 19, 2012
Going to HSU to study physics was the best decision I've made in my adult life. Not only did it give me confidence in my problem solving abilities, but the faculty is amazing. I was able to do research with Dr. Hoyle and not only publish a paper, but gave a conference talk and a few others about the research. I was hired to teach physics labs after graduation, and now I am about to start a PhD program at Washington State University. Studying at HSU has been an amazing experience!

Stewart Wilson, Forestry & Wildland Resources, 2010
Submitted: April 4, 2012
Research Assistant at UC Davis in Soils and Biogeochemistry. MS Student

TIM PROVAN, Wildlife, 1968
Submitted: March 30, 2012
upon graduation, moved to Utah. Completed M.S. Degree in Wildlife Sciences at Utah State. Worked 30 years for Utah Div. Wildlife Resources. Became Director in 1989 Retired and moved to Redding, CA and worked for Duck's Unlimited for 7 years as Regional Director. Retired in 2004. Continue to hunt & fish enjoying the beauty of Northern California.

Carrie Leonard, Oceanography, 1992
Submitted: March 29, 2012
Carrie has recently been name the Director of Advanced Concepts for BAE Systems in Honolulu. In this role she meets with the user community to develop technical solutions to their pressing needs. She has also been named the Vice President of the Society of Women Engineers Hawaiian Island Chapter. On a personal note, she's a soccer coach (U8 AYSO), baseball and water polo mom, and active triathlete.

Nicolas Havlik, Forestry & Wildland Resources, 2001
Submitted: March 28, 2012
Currently employed by Parsons Corporation at Fort Bliss, Texas as the Program Manager for the Integrated Training Area Management(ITAM)Program. Our program focuses on erosion and sediment control, native grass re-seeding, vegetation monitoring, maneuver trail maintenance and reconfiguration, protection of sites both of cultural and biological significance and education to our Military on the importance of being good stewards of the 1500 square miles of training land that encompasses Fort Bliss.

Ronald Anderson, Physics & Astronomy, 2002
Submitted: March 23, 2012
I work for Naval Shipyard doing Radiological work. Dosimetry tech at the moment.