Mission, Vision & Values


The College of Natural Resources and Sciences provides high quality education through student-centered, hands-on learning in inclusive learning environments; collaborates with campus and community partners; serves the region and the State of California; prepares students to be scientifically literate global citizens who incorporate diverse cultural and cross-disciplinary knowledge systems into their work; and carries out transformative research that advances scientific understanding and benefits all members of society.

Vision (What we aspire to accomplish by Fall 2024)

The Vision of the College of Natural Resources & Sciences is:

  • To deliver instruction in culturally-inclusive and equitable learning environments that reflect the diversity of our students and broaden participation in STEM disciplines,
  • To provide a socially and academically supportive learning environment that allows student excitement for the sciences to flourish,
  •  To meet the Humboldt Graduation Initiative 2025 Goals established by the Chancellor’s Office,
  • To be a regional center for interdisciplinary research that addresses challenges such as sustainable use of natural resources and climate change,
  • To establish a robust budget model that funds the curriculum, faculty and staff development, facilities (e.g., new Science Building), and undergraduate and graduate student research experiences.


In the College of Natural Resources and Sciences, we value:

  • Self-directed lifelong learning with transferrable professional skills
  • Excellence in hands-on field and laboratory learning, student-centered learning, and other evidence-based pedagogies
  • Our responsibility as a Hispanic Serving Institution and to support students historically underrepresented in the sciences
  • Investment in the physical, emotional, and mental health of students, staff, and faculty
  • Native American cultures and indigenous knowledge
  • Environmental stewardship and social justice
  • The North Coast of California as a natural laboratory for teaching and research
  • High quality academic and career advising tailored to students’ individual needs.
  • The teacher-scholar model for faculty
  • Undergraduate and graduate student research, discovery, and innovation.
  • Interdisciplinarity in education and research
  • Professional development of faculty and staff