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Cal Poly Humboldt is located on the coast of northern California about 300 miles north of San Francisco. This is an area of considerable natural beauty consisting of redwood and fir forests, rivers, lagoons, bays, and ocean beaches. The mild climate is typical of the Pacific Northwest with rainy winters and dry summers. A short distance inland, just beyond the first coastal range, the weather markedly differs with hot, dry summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall above 5,000 feet of elevation.

This area and climate is the perfect natural laboratory for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences graduate programs. These programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to address scientific problems and to carry out scientific investigations including design, implementation, and evaluation of research in their specific area of study.

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Because of our location and the surrounding physical environment, Cal Poly Humboldt has established a reputation for excellence in graduate programs in Biological, Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences. There are three graduate programs within the College of Natural Resources and Sciences with each offering unique curriculum(s): Biological Sciences (1 option), Environmental Systems (3 options) and Natural Resources (4 options).

While the College of Natural Resources and Sciences graduate options are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of your particular area of emphasis, they are also intended to develop an appreciation for the interdisciplinary character of biological, environmental and natural resource problems. Each candidate for the degree is required to consult with an appropriate faculty committee and to prepare an individualized program of study which must be approved by that committee.

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Natural Resources Thesis Filing Deadlines

Fall term
Thesis filed with Graduate Studies December 10

Spring term
Thesis filed with Graduate Studies May 10

Summer term
Summer graduation is contingent upon committee members’ willingness to participate. Faculty are not on salary in the summer and are not obligated to read theses or attend defenses during summer.

Thesis filed with Graduate Studies July 25