Goal 5. Student, staff, faculty and administrative employees have satisfaction in their work in CNRS

Objective 5.1 Administrators, faculty, staff, and students contribute to a culture of mutual respect

Performance IndicatorBaselineAction Item
Consistent evaluation processes are followed at all levelsApproximately 85% compliance with all processes.Improve compliance to 100%
Shared governance includes representation from all stakeholdersThe CNRS administrative handbook provides a structure for shared governance with the CNRS.Review the CNRS administrative handbook annually and ensure the guidelines therein are implemented.
Number of grievances and similar reports of disrespectful behavior decreaseThe CNRS has not gathered this information.Design and implement a tracking system to measure grievances and related incidents.

Objective 5.2 Review and update position descriptions, performance expectations, and RTP criteria periodically

Performance IndicatorBaselineAction Item
RTP guidelines for academic departments are currentAll departments have approved RTP guidelines.Periodically review and calibrate RTP guidelines.
Workload is evaluated for consistency with classifications and position descriptionsWorkload evaluation is carefully evaluated prior to the reappointment of new staff and faculty, but not always after several years into the appointment.Conduct periodic workload evaluations for faculty and staff, to bring greater equity across the college and alignment with reasonable expectations.

Objective 5.3 Receive and respond to issues and concerns of faculty and staff

Performance IndicatorBaselineAction Item
Faculty and staff have opportunity to report their level of satisfaction (survey) and express issues and concernsCNRS relies on ad hoc measures for expressing issues and concern through department chairs, union representatives, and the dean’s office.Design and implement an annual employee satisfaction survey that allows for individual issues and concerns to be addressed.
An issues website is updated monthly for faculty and for staffCNRS has not publicly communicated its efforts to resolve issues.Do this.
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