Goal 6. Obtain and distribute funding to achieve strategic plan objectives

Objective 6.1 Develop and sustain a budgeting process that is consultative and responsive to changes in student demand

Performance IndicatorBaselineAction Item
The CNRS administrators meet monthly with the URPC representative with CNRS CNRS budget and academic resource analyst is a member of the URPC (18/19-19/20)Begin monthly meetings.
Annual budget forecasts are produced by the CNRS administrators and made available to all department chairs and relevant staff employees for review and inputBudget forecasts have not been available for review and input.Provide a next-year budget forecast for each unit in CNRS by February of the prior academic year.
The CNRS administrators publish a college-wide budget and narrative prior to the start of each academic year.CNRS has not done so.Publish a budget and narrative by August 1 prior to the start of the fall semester.
All department chairs and relevant staff employees have access to monitor financial activity throughout the academic year. Included is an ability to track General Fund allocations related to $/FTES, MSF/FTESOBI access have been given to each unit in the CNRSProvide mentoring and training to new staff and department chairs.

Objective 6.2 Enhance the Revenue Streams to the college

Performance IndicatorBaselineAction Item
Indirect Cost Recovery applies to grants and contracts with IDC rates of 15% or more CNRS received $314,862 from indirect cost recovery from SPF for grant activities in 2017-2018, with an additional $125,945 to departments and $188,917 to PI’sDevelop and implement (with SPF) a program to mentor and incentivize faculty participation in grants and contracts with at least 15% IDC rates.
Investments in philanthropy campaigns that will support students through scholarships and experiential learning opportunitiesSome CNRS departments participate in donor development, but CNRS has not facilitated a college-wide program.Coordinate with university advancement to support philanthropy for all CNRS programs.
Investment in institutional grants (e.g., HSI-STEM) to increase URM participation and success in STEM disciplinesIndividual faculty have championed institutional grants related to curriculum development, but CNRS has not developed a long-term plan for pursuing such grants.Mentor and incentivize a college-wide institutional grant writing program.


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