Statement in Support of Black Lives

Dear Students of the College of Natural Resources and Sciences,

It is hard to find words to fully express the sadness we feel at the brutality and anti-Black racism so horrifically demonstrated in recent weeks, the latest episode in a centuries-old history of racial violence in our country. We grieve with many of our students, their families, and their communities who are suffering, and who continually give of themselves in the fight for justice. We reach out to you today, the students in the College of Natural Resources and Sciences, to affirm our care for, and support of you during these difficult times.

Many of us took part in the 1-day strike, #ShutDownSTEM, on June 10, 2020, to educate ourselves and to define actions that help eradicate anti-Black racism in academia and in our STEM disciplines. We acknowledge that students of color in STEM fields, including in our own programs, have experienced bias and racism which have harmful consequences. We seek to be an anti-racist and welcoming community for STEM learning, grounded in equity, justice, peace, and respect, to remove all barriers or bias limiting student success, and to elevate all who seek to improve the human condition through mutual respect, scientific inquiry and environmental stewardship.

In solidarity,

The faculty and staff of the College of Natural Resources and Sciences

Katlin Goldenberg
Allison Bronson
Steven Margell
Amy Sprowles
Micaela Gunther
Yvonne Kugies
Joe Szewczak
Jeffrey White
Matthew Hurst
Shelli Ramirez
Sean Craig
Christine Cass
Rick Brown
Jeff Dunk
Danielle Trapkus
Paul Bourdeau
Frank Fogarty
C.D. Hoyle
Erin Kelly
Susan Edinger Marshall
Liza Boyle
Yoon G Kim
Eve Robinson
Natalie Arroyo
Steve Martin
Dave Marshall
Darren Ward
Andrew Kinziger
Laurie Richmond
Jack Murphy
Eileen Cashman
Ed Brenneman

Buddhika Madurapperuma
David Baston
Sonja Manor
Sharyn Marks
Erik Jules
Jenn Tarlton
Joshua Smith
Kyle Weis
Tyler J. Evans
Charles Chamberlin
Kerry Byrne
Peter Goetz
Gilly Black
Jeff Black
Bori Mazzag
Raven Palomera
Jennifer Kalt
Jorge H. S. K. Monteiro
Eric P. Bjorkstedt
Sharon Tuttle
Daniel Burrell
Mihai Tomescu
Brian Tissot
Tamar Danufsky
Frank Shaughnessy
Brandon Wilcox
Barbara Clucas
Stephen C. Sillett
Roxann Schroeder
Robin Bencie
Nievita Bueno Watts
Glenn TInseth

Michael Camann
Robin Carter
Anna Thaler
Brad Ballinger
Walden Freedman
Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom
Jeff Kane
Amanda Staack
Kevin Fingerman
Grant Eberle
Rafael Cuevas Uribe
Emily West
John Reiss
Jeffrey Schineller
Dale Oliver
Rick Zechman
Lucy Kerhoulas
Marie Antoine
Jo Archibald
Yvonne Everett
Melanie Michalak
Sara Hanna
Karen Kiemnec-Tyburczy
Michelle Dostal
Monty Mola
Laura Levy