Anthony Baker

Budget Resource and Safety Analyst

Anthony Baker
(707) 826-3560
FR 106A
  • University / College strategic budget planning and modeling
  • Coordination and consultation on college strategic activities and resources
  • Database reporting and analysis
  • Coordination and analysis of general and special college funding
  • Coordination of college and university wide support of safety particularly in the laboratory
  • 18/19, 19/20, 20/21, 21/22 URPC member

Anthony Baker, Budget, Resource and Safety Analyst for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences (CNRS), Dean's Office: Anthony is an Humboldt graduate, having received his B.S. in Biology in 1994.  He has been working at Humboldt since January 1998. Prior to his current position in CNRS, Anthony held positions on campus in Administrative Affairs as a University Budget Analyst and as coordinator of business services in Facilities Management.  For much of his career at Humboldt, he worked in the biological sciences coordinating the Biology stockroom and the Biology Core Facility.  He has worked as a chemist for a local analytical company and as a research technician at the University of Florida, Department of Pathology. He has a diverse set of skills and interests including microscopy, laboratory techniques and making, an extensive background in student support and training, facilities and resource management, laboratory safety, and the development, coordination and stewardship of  university state budgets, activities and resources.

Bachelors of Science with a degree Biology, Humboldt State University ('94)