Mission, Vision & Values


The College of Natural Resources & Sciences fosters hands-on, student-centered learning and the creation of knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment in service to the state of California and the nation.


The College of Natural Resources & Sciences aspires to:

  • Maintain excellence in hands-on, student-centered learning
  • Employ the most effective, up-to-date, evidence-based pedagogies
  • Offer thematic, collaborative learning communities for all first-year students
  • Meet the Graduation Initiative 2025 Goals established by the Chancellor’s Office
  • Achieve a culturally inclusive learning environment that reflects the diversity of our students and broadens participation in STEM
  • Foster academic and research interdisciplinarity within the College and across the university
  • Foster global awareness for students and faculty through the promotion of international perspectives and experiences
  • Provide high quality professional development opportunities for faculty and staff  
  • Implement a philanthropy advancement plan with specific CNRS funding priorities
  • Secure funds through a major capital campaign and the Chancellor’s Office to construct a new CNRS science building
  • Increase financial support for graduate education
  • Consolidate museum collections in an integrated facility that supports education, curation, research, and public outreach


  • We are committed to student success
  • We are committed to hands-on learning
  • We believe that research, discovery, and innovation are fundamental to our success and the quality of undergraduate and graduate education
  • We support the teacher-scholar model for faculty
  • We promote a culture of environmental stewardship
  • We are committed to fostering the skills that students need to become self-directed lifelong learners with transferrable professional skills
  • We honor the Native American cultures in our area
  • We promote the professional development of faculty and staff
  • We are committed to broadening participation in STEM