Message from the Dean

Dean's Headshot

Among the many attributes that set the College of Natural Resources & Sciences apart is our proximity to natural laboratories. Located on the north coast, of California we have a pristine ocean, the second largest natural estuary in the state, redwood forests and mountains, all within a short distance of the campus. Our faculty and students take full advantage of these resources to study and gain practical experience in the basic and applied sciences. Our undergraduate students also have access to our 90-foot research vessel, the R/V Coral Sea, the L. W. Schatz Tree Farm, the Schatz Energy Research Center, an on-campus fish hatchery, the Telonicher Marine Lab, and many fine laboratory facilities.

We are fortunate to boast an outstanding faculty and staff whose mission is to develop the critical thinking skills needed to collaboratively solve complex problems in science, engineering, and natural resources. Our graduates are literate members of society who are educated in science and are prepared for professional careers or advanced study in their disciplines. As a learning community, our core values foster:

  • Educational success for a diverse student population
  • Student-centered, field-based education in the natural resource sciences
  • Hands-on learning and laboratory experiences for undergraduates in the basic sciences
  • Using the California North Coast environment as a context for learning and having the facilities to explore it
  • Innovation in pedagogy and curriculum
  • Strong faculty-student mentor relationships, including research and service projects
  • A culture of environmental stewardship
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving
  • A complementary mix of basic and applied research

When you come to Humboldt State, you will be pleased to find a welcoming environment with friendly staff, faculty and mentors. You’ll find your opportunities to learn and grow in the sciences are limitless. I hope to see you in the near future. Please feel free to contact us at or visit us.