CNRS Admin Handbook, Section 11 - Travel Policies


Scope and Criteria. College of Natural Resources and Sciences travel funds are to be used chiefly in support of activities that enhance teaching effectiveness and professional development. Support is generally available to faculty, as defined by the College Bylaws, and only to the extent that the travel budget permits. See Appendix W of the Cal Poly Humboldt Faculty Handbook for an explanation of additional State and California State University regulations.

 A.        Faculty Travel. First priority shall be given to active participation at a meeting of a professional society or organization: (1) presenting an invited paper, (2) participating as a member of an executive committee or board of directors of a professional society or of an organization, or (3)­ coordinating a workshop or chairing a session at a professional meeting. Second priority shall be assigned to those activities that enhance the teaching effectiveness and professional development of a faculty member such as (1) attending a professional meeting or (2) attending a workshop, seminar, or short course that will enhance one’s professional skills. Special consideration shall be given to requests from faculty who have had no college-funded trips in the last three years.

If a trip does not satisfy these criteria, a Chair may indicate exceptional circumstances justifying College support of the trip. For example, the trip may provide an exceptional opportunity for the faculty member to bring back information to the department.

B.         Administrative Travel. Travel necessary to maintain accreditation or for system-wide meetings of department chairs is normally funded from departm­en­tal OE allocations and should be requested as part of the budget review process. It is the intent of this policy that the bulk of the travel money should be reserved for support of activities that enhance teaching effectiveness and professional development.

Reimbursement. Travel expenses for travel under 11.1.A “First Priority” will be reimbursed from CNRS funds up to $500 of state allowable costs subject to change depending on state budget.  The number of funded trips is subject to the limits of the CNRS travel budget line item. Additional allowable costs over and above the limits may be paid out of departmental operating expense budgets or other departmental funds at the discretion of the Department Chair.

Deadlines. The request for travel involving College of Natural Resources and Sciences funds must be submitted to the Dean's Office by the dates shown below.

Date Trip Planned      Travel Request Filing Deadline

Summer break             One week after Spring finals end

Fall term                       One week after classes begin Fall term

Spring term                  One week after classes begin Spring term


To provide for meetings and invitations announced late in the year, ap­proximately twenty percent (20%) of the travel budget will be held back for requests made during the last four months of the fiscal year. Requests for travel will ordinarily be processed in the Dean's office within one week of the deadline dates given above, using the criteria as a guide in determining support. The Chair's signature on the request indicates review and concurrence with the request for College funds to support the trip.

Any travel expense claims for State travel which occur prior to receiving a travel authorization number, will be denied, regardless of funding source. Unauthorized travel will be the responsibility of the traveler. Authorizations should be filed at least 5 business days prior to travel.

Claims should be filed within sixty days (policy) after the traveler returns. Trip cancellations should be reported to the Dean's office immediately so funds can be redistributed.

Recommended: Council of Department Chairs (22 August 1991)

Approved by the Dean (22 August 1991)

Amended and Recommended: Council of Chairs (4 September 1997)

Approved by the Dean (4 September 1997)



To be eligible a student must be majoring in one of the disciplines of the CNRS and must be currently registered as a full-time upper division or graduate student.  He or she must be accompanying a faculty member on the trip.

1. Attending a national or regional professional conference or meeting

   -the student is making an invited presentation

   -the student is participating in a panel discussion or workshop presentation  

   -the faculty member is presenting or participating

   -the student is receiving an award


2. Attending a workshop or seminar related to degree requirements

PROCEDURE:  When applying for funds, it is easiest if the student names are on the faculty travel request with a "one liner" asking for support from the student travel fund.  It is not necessary to send memos with explanations and justifications. When claiming funds the faculty traveler files a claim for the full amount approved (for student and faculty).  One check will be issued (unless we use more than one account) and the faculty member makes the distribution from his or her reimbursement.

If the faculty member has filed a request and decides at a later date to include a student or students in the trip, call the CNRS Dean's Office to add the name(s) to the existing request and make adjustments to the funds requested.  Do not send a request with only student names on it.  Accounting will not process student only travel requests.  Copies of the revised request will be sent to the appropriate offices.