Publications and achievements submitted by our faculty, staff, and students. 


Faculty Mihai Tomescu Biological Sciences

Dr. Tomescu Co-edited a special issue of American Journal of Botany: "Tree of Death: The Role of Fossils in Resolving the Overall Pattern of Plant Phylogeny" (with G.W. Rothwell and I.H. Escapa). You can see the full article here:

Submitted: October 17, 2018

Student Club The Free Radicals, President Jessica Andersen and Emilia McCann, Advisor Jenny Cappuccio Chemistry

Green Chemistry (4th year in a row) and Honorable Mention student chapter award for 2017-2018 AY from the American Chemical Society (ACS)

Submitted: October 17, 2018

Student Anh Bui

As part of a collaboration with GE & Southern California Edison, Anh Bui developed an algorithm using Python code for estimating the tension between shifting a customer load to benefit the grid versus shifting a load to reduce their bill. Anh also helped with the installation of our new Schatz Solar Array in September.

Submitted: October 15, 2018

Student Thalia Quinn, Ellen Thompson and Rene DeWees

These students have been developing a model to assess the current and future costs of building microgrids that integrate solar, battery storage, and fast EV charging. This model will help define which sites are good candidates for investment, and identify future research and development opportunities.

Submitted: October 15, 2018

Student Craig Mitchell

Craig provided construction observation at the Solar+ installation, tracking the canopy weight in real-time and serving as an onsite liaison between contractors and the Schatz microgrid team. As part of his observation, Craig recorded the installation’s actual daily labor and equipment requirements, to better define the needs for similar projects in the future.

Submitted: October 15, 2018

Student Jeffrey Kane, Alexis Bernal Forestry, Fire & Rangeland Management

Forestry Graduate Student, Alexis Bernal submitted a grant proposal to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and was awarded a research grant of $24,460 for studying the effect of variable density thinning and burning treatments on the spatial patterns of drought-related tree mortality.

Submitted: October 4, 2018

Faculty Peter Lehman Environmental Resources Engineering

Peter Lehman was awarded $120,000 from the Humboldt Transit Authority for HTA Long-Term Energy Planning.

Submitted: October 4, 2018

Faculty Dr. Darren Ward Fisheries Biology

Darren Ward was awarded $75,000 from UCSD for Freshwater Ecology Research Collaboration.

Submitted: October 4, 2018

Faculty Dr. Tim Bean Wildlife

Dr. Tim Bean was awarded $118,000 from the Karuk Tribe for Marble Mountain Elk Ecology Collaborative Research.

Submitted: October 4, 2018

Student Micaela Szykman Gunther, Matt Delheimer, Keith Slauson, Bill Zielinski Wildlife

Former graduate student Matt Delheimer published his thesis in the September issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin, along with co-authors Keith Slauson, Micaela Gunther, and Bill Zielinski. His work documented the Use of Artificial Cavities by Humboldt marten, recently listed as an endangered species in California.

Submitted: September 27, 2018

Faculty Mark Colwell, Elizabeth Feucht Wildlife

Mark Colwell and Lizzie Feucht published a paper (Aug 2018) in Wader Study, an international journal dedicated to the ecology and conservation of shorebirds. Their work shows that Humboldt Bay hosts half a million shorebirds during spring migration alone! This information will be used to increase recognition of the bay under the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.

Submitted: September 16, 2018

Faculty Peter Alstone Environmental Resources Engineering

Dr. Alstone presented the results of a multi-year study of grid flexibility to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy "Summer Study 2018" conference in Pacific Grove, California.

The conference paper is titled, "Integrating Demand Response and Distributed Resources in Planning for Large-scale Renewable Energy Integration."

You can download the paper at:

Submitted: September 13, 2018

Student Michael Ross ('15), Holly Leopardi ('14), Jeremy Johnson ('18), Ian Guerrero ('17), and Dr. C.D. Hoyle Physics & Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy alumni published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence entitled "Experimental Progress Towards Testing the Behavior of Gravity at the 20-micron Distance Scale." The work, whose primary author is Michael Ross ('15), focuses on research activities carried out in the HSU Gravitational Physics Laboratory primarily during the 2014-16 time frame. The article can be found here:

Submitted: September 10, 2018

Faculty Kamila Larripa Mathematics

Kamila Larripa's multiple myeloma research group had a paper accepted to the Journal for Theoretical Biology. A link to the paper is here:

Submitted: September 9, 2018

Staff Nievita Bueno Watts

Dr. Nievita Bueno Watts, INRSEP Director, published Groundwork article "Using place-based, community-inspired research to broaden participation in the geosciences" in the August 2018 v28 issue of GSA Today.

Submitted: September 5, 2018

Faculty Peter Goetz Mathematics

Peter Goetz's paper, "The Koszul property for graded twisted tensor products", was accepted for publication in the Journal of Algebra in August, 2018. The paper will appear in print in the November 2018 issue. A sciencedirect link is…

Submitted: September 5, 2018

Faculty Melanie Michalak, Susan Cashman Geology

Melanie Michalak and Susan Cashman (Geology) were awarded a 3-year, multi-institutional National Science Foundation grant, with Eric Kirby (OSU) and Kevin Furlong (Penn State), to study geologic deformation in the Klamath Mountains. This research addresses both mountain building (long term deformation) and crustal strain associated with megathrust earthquakes (short term deformation). Principal investigators and students will partner with Hoopa Valley Elementary School’s 6th grade teachers for research-related activities and field trips for HVES 6th graders. HSU was awarded $158,636 to support graduate and undergraduate students, 6th grade teachers, supplies, and analyses.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

Faculty Seafha Ramos Wildlife

Seafha Ramos, Research Associate and Lecturer in the Wildlife Department, published an article, "Considerations for culturally sensitive Traditional Ecological Knowledge research in wildlife conservation". The paper will be included in the June 2018 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, the Wildlife Society Bulletin.

Submitted: August 24, 2018

Student Club Chemistry Club Chemistry

The Chemistry Club, "The Free Radicals" received two awards from The American Chemical Society. They received a commendable student chapter award and the green chemistry award! Students in this club actively participate in outreach and fun science activities as well as career building workshops.

Submitted: May 4, 2018

Student Jeremy S. Johnson, Noah K. Dunkley, Gabriela D. Martinez, Anthony E. Sanchez, and C.D. Hoyle Physics & Astronomy

Congratulations to these student and faculty authors for the successful publication of an article titled "Novel Tests of Gravity Below Fifty Microns" in the peer-reviewed Proceedings of The National Conferences On Undergraduate Research (NCUR), 2017. Jeremy Johnson also presented this work at the conference itself, which was held in Memphis, TN in April, 2017.

Submitted: April 30, 2018